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Interest-Based Advertising

In order to support LytxIt owned and operated interactive sites, we display interest-based advertising where advertisers may gather information that is made available when a visitor interacts with our site, content, services and ads.

Advertisers may engage in Behavioral Advertising, the process of collecting data about a visitor’s online browsing activity in order to show you targeted ads. You can prevent companies that advertise on our sites from showing you targeted ads by submitting opt-outs. Opting-out may not end generic or manually selected advertising from being displayed, but it will prevent targeted ads from appearing.

Some data collected may be provided to us directly through visitors’ submissions or obtained automatically. The type of data collected may include but is not limited to Geo-Targeting [City, Area Code, Postal Code, City, State, Country]; Internet Related [Domain Origin, Bandwidth, Browser Type, Browser Language]; Contextual Marketing [keyword and tag search]; Computer Systems [operating system, mobile device type, browser type]; and Timestamps [Time of Day, Day of the Week, Frequency Capping]. Ads may be linked to cookies, clickTAGs or web beacons that initiate Interaction Calls to gather this information.

Here you will find a list of our advertisers and the link with instructions or a direct form to submit opt-outs.
Google Adsense    Opt-Out Link
Amazon                 Opt-Out Link

Please note that ads are deployed by third-party service providers and as such, LytxIt does not own, control or manage those companies and thus can not compel individuals to perform functions on our behalf. However, LytxIt does strive to only work with known, trusted and well-respected advertising networks and will not disclose or associate your interactions or personal information with unaffiliated sites and services.

LytxIt strictly abides by the Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising issued by the Digital Advertising Alliance.